Welcome to the 2024 Spring Bocce Tournament
Our spring seaon begins Monday April 15th and will run through June 14th. Rain dates will be announced. This tournament is all about having fun and building camaraderie. Teams will play in a single stage tournament with a round robin format. Teams will play the best 2 of 3 frames. Each frame is won when that team reaches 7 points. Wins and losses will be tracked throughout the tournament. Top 4 teams will advance to a single elimination playoff round. Last team standing will be delcared the Champion. 


Bocce Ball Rules

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A Brief History of Bocce 

Bocce Ball is based on one of the most primitive concepts in sports history: throwing an item at an inactive target.  The egyptians are credited for the origin of the sport.  Instead of the fancy modern balls that we use today, the Egyptians used polished stones.  A painting dated back to 5200 B.C. was discovered in an Egyptian tomb depicting this primitive game in action.  Even though the game has evolved and changed greatly over the years, the overall goal of trying to toss an object as close to a target as possible still remains.

Bocce ball history continued to evolve and in the year 800 B.C. the game of bocce made its way to Greece and then on to Rome.  The Romans are credited for giving it the name which we know it as today.  "Bocce," is derived from the latin word "bottica," which means "boss."  The Romans were the first culture to play the game in a way resembling the way it is played today.  They introduced the concept of using rounded bocce balls as opposed to uneven rocks or stones.  The Romans often used coconuts as makeshift bocce balls.  This evolution toward round bocce balls continued and eventually balls were carved from the trunks of olive trees.  Bocce was more popular than ever, and it even had the endorsement of European rulers.  Emperor Agustus, Galileo, Queen Elizabeth I, and Sir Francis Drake were all known to be bocce enthusiasts. 

The game of Bocce was introduced in America by the French, and it was played primarily on short cut grass.  It is rumored that former president of the United States George Washington build a bocce ball court at the top of Mount Vernon in the late 18th century.  Americans took quite a liking to the game and accepted it with open arms.  By the late 1940's, Bocce World Championship had been established - a proving ground for people all over the world to showcase their Bocce skills and love for the game. The history of bocce ball is rich, and offers a fascinating glimpse of how the captivating game of bocce ball evolved to what it is today.

Tournament Schedule

If teams cannot meet during scheduled matches, please allow enough time to reschedule with opposing team captain for a different time or date. 

· Email or call team captain with enough time before scheduled match to arrange another time 

· Be sure to make contact or receive a response from the team captain to acknowledge the reschedule

· Captains be sure to be available by email or phone before the game so you can respond to a reschedule request

Please Cc me ( on all communications in regards to rescheduling matches to verify the court is available



Team Captains

Jose Rodriguezjose.rodriguez4@bp.comPicture Me Rollin'

Venkata Srikalidindivenkata.srikalidindi@bp.comBall Knockers

Da Ballers

Jeffrey Chenjeffrey.chen@bp.comForce Majeure

Julie Zurbuchenjulie.zurbuchen@bp.comGneiss Toss

Chris Lewischris.lewis@bp.comHigh Rollers

Balavamsi Tatinenibalavamsi.tatineni@bp.comRisk Takers

James Requenezjames.requenez@bp.comThe Rolling Thunderballz

Javier Maldonaldojavier.maldonado@bp.comCacuros

Carlos PadronCarlos.padron@bp.comWE skipped a meeting for this


Picture Me Rollin'
Force Majeure​​​​​​​
Ball Knockers
​​​​​​​Gneiss Toss
​​​​​​​Risk Takers
​​​​​​​High Rollers
The Rolling Thunderballz
​​​​​​​Da Ballers
We skipped a meeting for this