Login to and click Thrive with US portal (powered by WebMD) or connect via WebMD Wellness At Your Side App.

  • Scroll down to “Take Action”
  • Click on “Connect with Wellbeats”
  • Enroll in Wellbeats
  • Now you can start taking classes and earn points!

Points & Rewards:

Login to and click Thrive with US to get over to your WebMD portal or log into the WebMD Wellness At Your Side app. Once on the WebMD home page, click Points & Rewards > click Continue (in one of the boxes shown) > scroll to click Social > scroll to click Wellbeats Class Play Minutes. Points will automatically be added to your WebMD One portal. For WebMD account support, the WebMD Helpline will be able to assist at 1-888-343-9862 (Monday - Friday 8:30am - 8pm EST). They will be able to assist you one on one and answer portal questions.

Become a bp Virtual Fitness Member and receive prizes for your engagement with our monthly Wellbeats Incentive collaborations.  Sign up on FLEX.