Zibrio Balance Testing 
Available at the Helios and WL1 fitness centers.

How good is your balance today? What is your fall risk?

Measure your balance to get started on your balance journey. The Zibrio scale gives you an easy-to-understand balance score from 1 to 10 and tells you your fall risk level.

Those with low balance scores are less in control and are more likely to fall in the coming year. 

If you have good balance, it is easier for you to maintain control over your body when you trip or slip, and you are less likely to fall. If you have poor balance, a hazardous situation like this is more likely to result in a fall. Those with very low balance scores, 1-3, are also more likely to fall spontaneously, without the presence of a hazard.

How has the balance score been validated?

ZIBRIO Stability scales take precision measurements of balance using BrioCore® technology, a powerful algorithm that measures many characteristics of your body’s movements in order to quantify balance and identify your fall risk. The scale and balance score have been validated through 7 different studies, including over 3000 balance tests of human subjects. BrioCore technology was developed as part of the US Space program and is Space Certified Technology.

What factors are affecting your balance?

The bp fitness staff can discuss the factors affecting your balance and what you can do to improve.

You can also use the free ZIBRIO BalanceCoach app for insight into your balance. Answer questions about you --to get personalized balance advice.

Stop down to one of the fitness centers for your test or email bpfitness1@bp.com to schedule a test.

Zibrio balance exercises